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Trying to discover the link between fasting and prayer

“People sometimes fast as a way of asking God for what they need, or as a way of doing penance for their sins. But, most deeply, fasting is a form of prayer – prayer in action. It helps us experience … Continue reading

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Think of yourself as a pipe

Think of your soul as a water pipe. Imagine it as a wide diameter, in the shape of an “L”. It has an unusual valve mechanism. If you want to let the water in from the source above, your instinct … Continue reading

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We cannot possess God’s grace

We cannot possess God’s grace. The very concept is absurd. We can only swim in it like the ocean of infinite mercy that it is. It’s all or nothing. Get out of the ocean and you immediately have none of its … Continue reading

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Be careful what you pray for

Most people are inclined to pray for things that will make their lives easier and relieve their burden. At a certain point you may become impatient to become a better person and make the following “mistake”: praying for a purification … Continue reading

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Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life — and Satan knows it!

The Way is the choice of freedom over slavery. The Truth is about seeing reality through the eyes of faith rather than accepting enticing lies. The Life is attained by hoping and trusting in God’s grace — the uncreated gift … Continue reading

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The two great commandments

We are to love God with our entire heart, our entire mind, our entire soul, and our entire strength and our neighbor as ourselves. But what can we give God, aside from our receptivity so that he can fill us … Continue reading

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Our choice: the meaning of Everything or the absurdity of every thing

As good and as right as it is to see God in his creation, we need to at times pull back and fast from taking in the material order with our senses. If we lose sight of the Giver while … Continue reading

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