God, the supreme domino toppler

If we are in a crisis that is perplexing to us, in which each move we consider seems certain to make matters worse, God comes to us with a request. “Will you step aside and let me act?” It can go against every instinct we have to become as passive as this request seems to suggest. But in reality, you are to become actively passive, as paradoxical as that may sound.

God has a plan. It’s his original plan, but now he must improvise to get there. We have delayed in our trust, multiplying the degree of difficulty of the resolution to our crisis that will now be required. God assures us that it’s not too late. He sees the dominoes that will be required to not only resolve your difficult situation, but also all the dominoes he can use to accomplish several objectives simultaneously — through you! He only asks that you give him room to act — open the door, or even simply leave it ajar. Any gap you can give to allow him in. He has things he wants to accomplish that you have no idea of. He wants to bless so many people and bring them back to himself, once again, through you! What a privilege to be able to be the one who says Yes and thus allows all this to take place. The longer you wait, the bigger the job. If you have already waited an amount of time which you consider “too long”, fear not. The only “too long” that is truly too long, is “never”.

So, once we have agreed to allow God to take over and we are tempted to waver in our placing it all in his hands, he will question us, “Are you still active? Or are you actively still?”

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