Why don’t we trust God’s grace?

God makes his grace always available to us. A classic formulation of grace defines it as a share in God’s life, a participation in the inner life of the Trinity. Sanctifying grace enables us to do that which we could not otherwise do, empowering us to overcome our woundedness and transcend our usual limited vision that keeps us from reaching the potential that God has always intended for us.

If one has experienced an extended period of living by God’s grace, only to have it recede or apparently vanish, this can be particularly disorienting to one’s soul. A persistent questioning of how this could happen haunts the individual. Was it something I did or did not do? If I move to again accept God’s grace and the intimacy that comes with it, will it vanish again like an illusion, without explanation? Losing it once without understanding why is painful enough, but having it happen a second time would have to be darn near unbearable.

But God questions us. “Is my grace defective?” To which we must answer, “No, Lord.” Indeed, God’s grace lacks nothing. Upon further reflection, we realize that grace, being a share in God’s very life, is an uncreated gift! Even the angels, who are pure spirit, are created (i.e., creatures). God’s gift to enable us to become like him is of a nature that is superior to even the angels! In other words, it is supernatural to the extreme. How can we not trust it?

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