We are all Barabbas

Jesus Barabbas was his full name. Barabbas is translated “son of the father” (bar meaning “son of”, “abba” meaning father; just like Peter was known as Simon bar Jonah).

We are all Barabbas, the guilty one who goes free, while the innocent One dies the death that we deserve in our place. Jesus, son of the father (a.k.a, Barabbas), a deformed imposter of the image and likeness of God is chosen by the mob for this “get out of jail free” card. Jesus of Nazareth, true Son of the Father, the pure, perfect, revealed image and likeness of God, though already disfigured and covered with blood, has freely accepted this outcome. How do we know? Anyone anticipating something so intensely that their sweat becomes droplets of blood, knows what is coming. Yet he did not run, did not seek to escape. He freely accepted this as God’s plan from the beginning.

We, as Barabbas, scarcely comprehend.

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