If you don’t know you are in need, you won’t ask (and you won’t receive)

We are empty. We cannot fill ourselves. We are poor in spirit. But if we spend our time and effort in flight of that reality, denying it, and attempting to somehow rewrite the law of our souls, as it were, we will never go to the source of that which will fill us. The Kingdom of Heaven, ultimate happiness, will elude us. Not just after death, but here and now. If you are empty and go around thinking you are full, you are full of something, but it isn’t blessedness. The rich and anyone who chases riches sells themselves and their happiness short. They stop their pursuit of happiness before it really begins. For what? A big house? A beautiful landscaped yard? A full belly? You would stop there? If so, that’s all the happiness you’ll get and all you will deserve, for not feeling your true hunger for more than that. And that thought ought to disturb you. Does it?

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