Be careful what you pray for

Most people are inclined to pray for things that will make their lives easier and relieve their burden. At a certain point you may become impatient to become a better person and make the following “mistake”: praying for a purification akin to being in Purgatory. If you do this, watch out! Your prayer can be answered beyond anything you would have previously imagined. You likely would have refrained from making the request had you known how exquisitely it would be answered.

You will find yourself in a position of being torn between trusting in God’s apparent will for you (which at this point should be unmistakably obvious) and finding a shortcut out of this.

This is not the time to shrink from the spiritual battlefield. There’s no reason to think that this suffering cannot be both purifying and deserved. Escape will serve no good purpose. Trust your initial impulse for purification.

“Happy are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”

Amen to that! And then some.

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