Think of yourself as a pipe

Think of your soul as a water pipe. Imagine it as a wide diameter, in the shape of an “L”. It has an unusual valve mechanism. If you want to let the water in from the source above, your instinct would say to open the valve nearest the source, and then once the pipe is filled, then open the lower end to let it pass through. But oddly it doesn’t work that way. You must open the lower valve first, which doesn’t seem to make much sense, because the pipe is currently empty. The odd part is that the valve below simultaneously triggers the mechanism for the upper valve to open just in time to achieve a perfect flow volume, which is rather robust all the same.

Then, say you are looking for a break from serving as a conduit for this water, but you rather like having the water inside you rather than being dry, so you aim to trap it inside while you take this break. This time you go to close the lower valve and another strange phenomenon occurs: the upper valve closes first, leaving you, the pipe, empty as when you started.

Not too much of a riddle, is it?

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