Deceptively simple to understand, remarkably difficult to overcome

What is idolatry, but setting up another god in God’s place?

If we choose something finite over God, we have made an idol of it, a false god. But really, when we do it, we haven’t so much chosen some thing over God, but some one: ourselves.

God wants us to choose his way over our way and we have decided, no, we know better and our way will be taken. Maybe we just think we do it once in a while, but if we are honest about it, we do it multiple times a day.

As they say, admitting the problem is the first step. And the problem is that we break the First Commandment almost non-stop. When we choose something over God or over loving our neighbor, we have really just chosen ourselves and become our own god. Are we determined to cease worshiping at the altar of self? If not, it won’t stop.

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