God is not half-hearted–we are!

God’s greatest desire for us is that we become divinized–participating in the inner life of God to the degree that we are almost like a fourth member of the Trinity. So why does it not happen? Does God really not want it all that badly after all? No. It does not happen because we don’t want it enough. That’s simply the only thing standing between us and sainthood.

If we bring our desire to the level of totality, we will not find God standing in our way–and no longer will we be standing in our way. Then our attention needs to turn to those around us. We need to see each person as somebody whose deepest desire is for divinization, yet this desire is asleep, oftentimes sedated by all the things we use to distract ourselves in the pain of our spiritual poverty. We need to be like God–like Jesus–and love others the way he loves us and make sure we do not stand in the way of potential saints, such that we passionately desire to see others want this divinization as intensely as we’ve experienced Jesus wants it for us.

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