See if you could create a world ex nihilo

Try this mental exercise. Try to imagine you creating a world out of nothing. But the big limitation is that you are not allowed to use anything from this world, the one we already live in and experience. You may look at a tree with its imperfections and think you would have created a tree without those imperfections, but in this exercise it is not allowed. You are not allowed to have trees, much less perfect ones. You couldn’t even substitute telephone-pole-styled trees, since those would be derived from something in this world. In fact, you couldn’t populate your world with anything tree-like or any plants at all, since you would not know enough to put them in your world without having experienced them in this world.

Humbling, isn’t it? Think about this the next time you think you could have created a better world that the one we have. Remember, God started from nothing. We can’t even do that. Who are we to criticize?

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