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Is it still a Wonderful Life??

Yes, it’s a Hollywood story about a guy from a place called Bedford Falls. Let’s depart from the Hollywood ending and explore an alternate ending. Imagine that ┬áthe story didn’t end in an explosion of unmitigated joy, a triumphant surge … Continue reading

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Follow-up on the Last Judgment

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, herself the last century’s greatest known practitioner of the corporal works of mercy, had only three bits of advice, saying one needn’t go halfway around the world like she did: 1. Be cheerful. 2. Have time … Continue reading

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Do we take the parable of the Last Judgment too literally?

No intention to discourage the practice of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, but if we are to understand the parable of the Last Judgment, we need to see it more as a parable than as a literal scenario. … Continue reading

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