Quite a world!

Say what you want about this flawed and fallen world, but keep in mind that it’s a world where we can murder God and it still has a chance to work out all right. Not bad. Not a bad world at all. It is a beautiful world indeed!

Once again, our all-knowing God created our world aware that it could fall, that it could reject him. The Son becomes incarnate in the knowledge that he will be rejected and killed, but this is the world God considered that cliched “best of all possible worlds”: his beautiful fallen world that he loves so dearly and irrevocably. And he proved that he stood by his decision to create a world that could fall, by the very act of entering into it (almost stubbornly, even defiantly), and by doing it as one of us. Just as the weakness of Adam and Eve was amply demonstrated in the original Fall, humanity fails the test again by murdering God himself.

Yet God is all-powerful. A weak God could not cope with all of this. Only an all-powerful — an all-confident — God could tolerate such a mess and know that it could not ultimately thwart his original plan. In fact, he takes our latest failure — our murder of him — to be the door to yet another opportunity to get it right. And this time we seem to — for the first time — start getting it right.

Look at the saints as examples. There are more new saints every year, such that the population of the Church Triumphant is always reaching new records, and giving us ever-increasing aid from on high via their intercession. Even as the world seemingly gets worse. But that’s an illusion. It’s the same world. The same beautiful world where God’s ability to reach us is not limited by crucifixion — even if it were to be our own crucifixion (and it does happen — look up St. Paul Miki).

God insists on winning, to our great benefit. Creating a world where we were less free would be the act of a weaker god. He wants our free acceptance of him and his plan for our divinization. He is an idealist who will settle for nothing less. We are better off this way, whether we believe it or not.

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