Look at a crucifix

A crucifix is a powerful symbolic reminder of the affirmation God has on this world. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, willingly, foreseen from all eternity, at the creation of the world — this world — had consented to a world in which just such a scenario could play out. The commitment was there In the Beginning. God must have really and truly wanted THIS WORLD, otherwise he would have created one in which this, his own murder at his creatures’ hands, was impossible. He did not create that sort of world. He created this one, in all the apparent reckless love that is required to undertake such a course of action.

We could question his wisdom, but he took upon himself no immunity to the risks. He put skin in the game. Literally. He really meant to have this world and no other. This world with you and me in it.

Thank God. Literally.

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One Response to Look at a crucifix

  1. The Crucifix is the bridge between heaven and earth. God has embraced our world with wild and overflowing love. Awake! And receive the blessings of God.

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