In this fallen world

Love is light for this world. This fallen world is in darkness and blindness and we do not see reality as it is. We also see things that are not truly there.

In this fallen world, love is hard to see, and to know and sense. Sadly, in this fallen world, love’s medium is suffering, the cross. That’s how love best reveals itself in this fallen world. It’s both a shame and a blessing.

In an unfallen world, it would be different. We would see the light readily and easily. Not so in this world. It is a blessing that love can do its work in a medium that will best express to our darkened intellects what love itself really is.

To suffer in the same spirit of Christ’s suffering is to participate in, and gain an inexpressible sense of, the Trinity’s generous and boundless love. To turn and flee this suffering is to refuse to know God in his supreme and joyful essence.

That which appears most distasteful to us is that which holds and meets our deepest longings and aspirations. Because this world is fallen, we cannot see this truth without help, without grace. It is our utter and radical freedom to stand firm in love in the face of suffering. Anything else is living in chains.

These are sad yet necessary truths for a fallen world. It did not have to be this way, and yet it is this way. It is vastly better to know this than to deny and avoid it.

Love strives to be perfect. A love that flees in the face of suffering is far from perfect and is trending toward falsehood. Love must be made perfect in us, or wither and die.

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