Yet another signpost

Mystical truths seem as riddles when you first hear them. Once you later are allowed to understand them, you realize all at once that these “riddles” correspond to the deepest mode of reality and are what they first claimed to be: Truth.
One example from St. Paul:
“For those who love God, all things work to the good.”
Each and every part of that statement is literally true. And more true than you would ever imagine–until you actually know it directly for yourself.
Indeed, when your understanding of the above example becomes clear, it’s as if you now live in a new Eden, where everything is seen as good, even your pain and suffering. Everything in your life leads you to contact with God. You now lack nothing. And you have everything. Just as the beatitudes said: you inherit the earth, and the kingdom of heaven is yours besides–and you see God, which means you can actually perceive all this taking place while it is happening.
At this point it becomes less like taking it on faith and more like being shown. And the riddle has disappeared from sight.

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