An illuminating example from The Good Wife

The character Kaitlin is in the show’s usual whirlpool of Machiavellian intrigue and maneuvering, and the audience, through the eyes of just about every other character, sees Kaitlin as an ambitious, scheming, ruthless ladder-climber. It turns out she is merely a conscientious worker who is putting up a front. She wants to get married, quit, and raise kids. They all had her wrong, primarily because they projected onto her their own mind set. They perceived her as a threat and treated her accordingly, while she was no threat at all. She may have been the most refreshing character on TV in the last decade, if only for what she revealed about the rest of the characters in her series.
By extension, Kaitlin reveals how human beings in real life erroneously project their cynicism onto others. It’s tragic, actually.

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