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God, the merciful alchemist

God is said to draw good out of evil, but it can be hard to see beneath the surface of such a statement without illustrations of just what is meant by this assertion. God takes those things in our lives … Continue reading

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Predestination reconsidered

Blessed Elisabeth of the Trinity has a refreshing way of thinking about predestination that elevates it and clarifies it from the prevalent Calvinistic concept. It leads to the following analogy. All caterpillars are predestined to become butterflies. This is their … Continue reading

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Edith Stein: Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

“The surrender of the soul to God is the highest achievement of its freedom.” “Only the person who renounces self-importance, who no longer struggles to defend or assert himself, can be large enough for God’s boundless action.” “I felt that … Continue reading

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A fundamental difference in perspective

Life can appear tricky. Why? Worldliness is truthy. The Gospel is true.

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God’s freedom to save us any way he likes

It’s one thing to intend, like God, that everyone be saved. But we tend to be like Peter, in that if God chooses a way we think is beneath him, we are quick to protest. That’s too ugly, awkward, sloppy, … Continue reading

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