God, the merciful alchemist

God is said to draw good out of evil, but it can be hard to see beneath the surface of such a statement without illustrations of just what is meant by this assertion.

God takes those things in our lives that long appeared nonsensical or detrimental and mysteriously turns them around for good. A great example of this dynamic can be seen in the M. Night Shyamalan movie Signs. (Yes, a lot of people disliked this movie, but one suspects it’s for the very virtues about to be highlighted, as those viewers probably wanted a pure sci-fi thriller without any overtones of religious symbolism thrown in. ALERT: Major spoilers follow below.)

Think about it. Most obviously, the boy’s (Morgan) debilitating asthma saves him from the extraterrestrial’s poisonous gas. The girl’s (Bo) annoying and pointless obsession with perfectly clear drinking water sets up little weapons all around the home. The brother (Merrill) not only had this killer baseball swing, but it was so ineffective that instead of him being on the road somewhere performing in front of MLB crowds, he was right where he could be most useful in saving the family from the alien creature, right down to having a bat hanging on the wall as a symbol of his unrealized potential. And, finally, the father’s (Graham) dormant faith impulse allows him to re-interpret his dying wife’s final words just when needed most.

Like him, we need to see: God awaits only our trust for him to do likewise with our lives.

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