The flip side of loving your enemies

The command to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute you might be more practical and prudent than we usually assume.
It might merely be a good way to tell if somebody is in fact our enemy. We are so prone to self-deception that we can convince ourselves that somebody is our enemy, when we are in fact theirs. Loving them as Christ commanded could be a good remedy to uncover this self-deception.
So while loving our enemies is meant for their good, do not rule out that it might on occasion prevent us from fostering alienation where none needs to exist.
No doubt, to do this will require something akin to an act of faith.

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One Response to The flip side of loving your enemies

  1. I always remember the quote by the late comedian Brother Dave Garner, which i think is very apropos: “Love your enemies…and driv’em nuts!”

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