Why frequent, repeated reception of the Eucharist?

We go to Mass and we beg Christ for this and for that, which is sort of insulting. Here he is giving himself to us completely and perfectly. And humbly. Who are we that we should receive such a gift?!

Receiving Holy Communion is one of the repeatable sacraments. Why? What makes it so unlike Baptism or Confirmation that once is not enough? After all, this is the Most Blessed Sacrament! It lacks nothing if Christ comes to us completely and perfectly in it!

It is precisely because this sacrament so exceeds our capacities. It is such a complete and utter mystery that we will never quite fathom in this life what it is we are doing. But we hope to move incrementally closer to receiving in a way that approaches the virtually unreachable idea of “worthily”.

At some point it might dawn upon us that we are being invited not so much to receive as to give. Once again, how humble our Lord is that he would want us to make an offering of ourselves to him, even if at first we do it far from perfectly.

St. Francis of Assisi may have been more right than we ever imagined, when he said, “It is in giving that we receive.”

We repeat this precisely because our ability to give ourselves completely and perfectly is lacking. We should hope to make progress in this each and every time we attend Mass. Any time we neglect to do this, we have foolishly wasted an opportunity.

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One Response to Why frequent, repeated reception of the Eucharist?

  1. The weekly practice of Confession coupled with frequent even daily Holy Communion should become as much a part of one’s life as eating and this bread is Ever Lasting Life.

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