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The danger in inverting “God is love”

If we hear “God is love” and think it means “Love is God”, as in thinking that our idea of love is God, we have reduced God to an idea, a concept. And since everyone has a slightly different concept … Continue reading

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Great quote by Saint Francis de Sales

“We must fear God out of love, not love Him out of fear.”

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God’s love is utterly humiliating

When God floods us with his love, it humiliates us because we thought we knew how to love. We find out that we knew nothing. God, in his generous mercy, rescues us from this profound ignorance. The spontaneous response is … Continue reading

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Merton on Mercy

The mercy of God does not suspend the laws of cause and effect. When God forgives me a sin, He destroys the guilt of sin but the effects and the punishment of sin remain. Yet it is precisely in punishing … Continue reading

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