The implications of what we believe about God’s Freedom

It is more proper to say God “couldn’t” rather than God “wouldn’t” create a world where he would be anything less than free to achieve his good ends. God is maximum Freedom itself.

Once again, look at the Crucifixion. And Resurrection.

We are viewing the backside of a tapestry where all the stitches appear to be in the shape of crosses. We are on the backside due to the sin of Adam.

The point of Faith is to accept the very real probability that the other side of this tapestry is what we were meant to see.

When Adam and Eve opted to partake of the Knowledge of Good & Evil, they discovered for all of us that this means viewing the tapestry from the back and thus voluntarily depriving mankind of the vision that communicates the meaning of the tapestry. Acquiring the knowledge of evil necessarily entails voluntary forfeiture of the unobstructed view of the Good. Realize that it can be no other way.

And this is what Christ came to address and restore to possibility. If we take what he is offering us–the gift of voluntarily understanding the meaning of the tapestry again, even though still on the backside–we can navigate the Way to True Life.

If we do not accept this gift, we will, without realizing it, re-crucify Christ in the least of his brothers. The only way to avoid this horrific outcome is to “believe without seeing” (cf. I Peter 1:8), by taking advantage of Christ’s resurrected vision. This vision tells us that God would not–could not–create a world where the forces of nature got away from him and the actions of his creatures had any real chance at thwarting his good purposes. Therefore we will more likely be the ones in whom Christ is re-crucified, but we will have a peace the world cannot give us. And this peace makes all the difference when we know that these things can only be the stitches that go into making the beautiful front side of God’s tapestry. The true source of our peace is the unshakable conviction that God’s perfect power wills or permits only that which attains to the greatest Good.

And again, if God is Freedom without limit, he is always–not just sometimes–continuously attaining the best outcomes. Good Friday is the epitome of this dynamic. It’s going on around us at every moment. It has never stopped.

This is available to us only by faith. Pray and beg God for more faith until you’ve got enough to equal a mustard seed. Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free, too. And this truth will contain the demonstration of the idea that “all things work together for good for those who love [and trust] God.” (cf. Romans 8:28)








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