New Update 5/19/2014: As stated below, this blog was envisioned as a jump-start to a book I was hoping to write. I have now written that book. It is called Conversion as Calling and you, as a reader/visitor of this blog, can request a free PDF (132 pgs.) copy by emailing me at “oncewarrior at gmail dot com”. Please be clear in the subject line by saying something like “Book request”. Thank you in advance for your interest.


(Note: password instructions start about halfway down. – Update: as of 3/5/2014 passwords no longer apply.)

This blog has no definite destination. Yet.

I started this with the hope of jump-starting myself on a book I’ve been intending to write. So far it’s not going like I thought it would. I’ll just go with it for now.

Also, after I take this public (it’s private as I’m writing this), I have no plans to respond to comments. The posts will speak for themselves.


Update on November 11, 2013:

As of August 31, 2013, I have at least temporarily closed the open publishing of additional entries to this blog. The only reason is because I happened to publish a post that came full circle and sort of completed the theme of this blog, and to add more entries would not seem right.

Instead, I have decided to give access to old and new unpublished entries via password. If you are so inclined, follow the instructions below. Feel free to let me know of any trouble you have with the password(s) in the comments here.

Thank you for your interest.

(under construction…)

To unlock Unpacking the parable of the sower go to the 30th word of the second paragraph of Seven great Merton paragraphs and use that word as your password to unlock it.

For unlocking Storms of Destruction, use the final word of the second paragraph of Merton on trusting God’s mercy.

To view Journey through the Wilderness, use the 11th word of the first paragraph of Do we take the Parable of the Last Judgment too literally? as your password.

The password to open Merton on facing despair is the eighth word of Driven into the wilderness.

Finally, to unlock Prayer and Mercy, use the third to last word of the second paragraph of Storms of Destruction as your password.

That will be all for now….


OK, back for more.

The fires of Hell are the fires of God can be opened by using the fifth word of the third paragraph at Seven great Merton quotes.


Update March 5, 2014 (Ash Wednesday):

I am removing the password protection on the above posts.



3 Responses to About

  1. Cane Caldo says:

    “I want to be the unwobbling pivot at the center of a rotating universe. I want to be still.”

  2. Cane Caldo says:

    I started watching it on Netflix the other day. Last night, he said that line, and I thought, “Unwobbling Pivot!” Had to let you know.

    Good show. The character is better than the show, but still a good show.

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