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A guess about the unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit

Could the unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit be as follows? If in confession we are to be our own accusers, it’s clear that we are not to be our own judge (paraphrasing a Latin quote: No one is to … Continue reading

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Completing the circle of mercy

There are two obvious lessons of mercy we need to learn: to seek forgiveness from God and to extend forgiveness to our brother. They are linked in the Lord’s Prayer, such that the first will not happen without the second. … Continue reading

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Re-presenting the sacrifice of Christ

It is said that at Mass the priest does not re-sacrifice Christ but only re-presents (i.e. makes present again) the sacrifice of Christ. The priest initiates the Eucharistic prayer by saying, “Pray, brethren, that my sacrifice and yours may be … Continue reading

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Why it is crucially important to be keenly aware that you are a sinner

If you are not thoroughly aware of your sinfulness and do not identify yourself as a sinner, you place yourself in a condition of moral hazard. The reason? When somebody sins against you, you will unknowingly behave in such a … Continue reading

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Why frequent, repeated reception of the Eucharist?

We go to Mass and we beg Christ for this and for that, which is sort of insulting. Here he is giving himself to us completely and perfectly. And humbly. Who are we that we should receive such a gift?! … Continue reading

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God, the merciful alchemist

God is said to draw good out of evil, but it can be hard to see beneath the surface of such a statement without illustrations of just what is meant by this assertion. God takes those things in our lives … Continue reading

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Predestination reconsidered

Blessed Elisabeth of the Trinity has a refreshing way of thinking about predestination that elevates it and clarifies it from the prevalent Calvinistic concept. It leads to the following analogy. All caterpillars are predestined to become butterflies. This is their … Continue reading

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