2 Confession as Inevitable Culmination


Confession as Inevitable Culmination



“Freely Driven”

Devout is a word for it

But it’s not what you think

There’s too much joy to it

Yet sorrow is linked

You want to cry out

And run at top speed

You’ve been broken out

And there’s one thing you need



“Go, show yourself to the priest.” (Lk 5:14)


Phase: Purgative


Breathe in:

Beatitude: “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.” (Mt 5:6)

Gift of the Holy Spirit: Fortitude (Courage)


Breathe out:

Beatitude(s) (and the addiction which it corrects): “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land.” (Mt 5:5) (addiction to power); “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” (Mt 5:9)

Gift of the Holy Spirit: Piety (Fidelity)


Deadly Sin overcome: Anger (e.g., revenge)

Lively Virtue developed: Forgiveness (e.g., non-violence)

Sacrament: Penance

The Lord’s Prayer: “Forgive us our trespasses”

Sign from Gospel of John: Cure of the Royal Official’s Son

Teresian mansion: Second chamber

Sanjuanist level: Active Night of the Senses


This would be a depressing thought, if it were not purely abstract. Because in the concrete order of things God gave man a nature that was ordered to a supernatural life. He created man with a soul that was made not to bring itself to perfection in its own order, but to be perfected by Him in an order infinitely beyond the reach of human powers. We were never destined to lead purely natural lives, and therefore we were never destined in God’s plan for a purely natural beatitude. Our nature, which is a free gift of God, was given to us to be perfected and enhanced by another free gift that is not due it.