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The depth of Christ’s obedience

The Passion narrative in the Gospel of John emphasizes the power of Christ. He is in charge the entire time. How much do we let this idea and its implications penetrate us? Do we, for instance, believe that Christ could … Continue reading

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Hidden Secret Forgotten M       I       S       U       N       D       E       R       S       T … Continue reading

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See if you could create a world ex nihilo

Try this mental exercise. Try to imagine you creating a world out of nothing. But the big limitation is that you are not allowed to use anything from this world, the one we already live in and experience. You may … Continue reading

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Trying to discover the link between fasting and prayer

“People sometimes fast as a way of asking God for what they need, or as a way of doing penance for their sins. But, most deeply, fasting is a form of prayer – prayer in action. It helps us experience … Continue reading

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The two great commandments

We are to love God with our entire heart, our entire mind, our entire soul, and our entire strength and our neighbor as ourselves. But what can we give God, aside from our receptivity so that he can fill us … Continue reading

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