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The implications of what we believe about God’s Freedom

It is more proper to say God “couldn’t” rather than God “wouldn’t” create a world where he would be anything less than free to achieve his good ends. God is maximum Freedom itself. Once again, look at the Crucifixion. And … Continue reading

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Our will and God’s freedom

About 36 hours before, the title started out as “God’s will and our freedom”, but then something clicked it over, to invert the wording. And then, as if to ratify the new title, there was a post with some quotes … Continue reading

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Pay attention to God’s absolute majesty–you need it

If only we knew how to listen, we would hear God telling us: “I am so powerful that even evil obeys me. I can get the evil in your life–even your evil–to work for good. But not without your cooperation. … Continue reading

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