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Seven great Merton paragraphs

There is a paradox that lies in the heart of human existence. It must be apprehended before any lasting happiness is possible in the soul of man. The paradox is this: man’s nature, by itself, can do little or nothing … Continue reading

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The Fire that brings its own energy

If the Holy Spirit is the Living Flame of Love, we tend to fear being consumed in the fire. But unlike other fires which consume to produce energy, this fire has its own infinite and unlimited energy. As it inflames … Continue reading

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See if you could create a world ex nihilo

Try this mental exercise. Try to imagine you creating a world out of nothing. But the big limitation is that you are not allowed to use anything from this world, the one we already live in and experience. You may … Continue reading

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Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life — and Satan knows it!

The Way is the choice of freedom over slavery. The Truth is about seeing reality through the eyes of faith rather than accepting enticing lies. The Life is attained by hoping and trusting in God’s grace — the uncreated gift … Continue reading

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What if Jesus had recanted?

It is interesting that Pontius Pilate of all people gets immortalized in both the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed. Jesus knew his life was on the line. If there was a time to preserve it, this was that time. He … Continue reading

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