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“The new and eternal covenant”

The updated, more faithful-to-the-original-Latin translation of the Mass in the English language is a blessing. One change specifically has made an impact. Changing from “new and everlasting covenant” to “new and eternal covenant” deepens one’s understanding of what Jesus accomplished. … Continue reading

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Hidden Secret Forgotten M       I       S       U       N       D       E       R       S       T … Continue reading

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Deceptively simple to understand, remarkably difficult to overcome

What is idolatry, but setting up another god in God’s place? If we choose something finite over God, we have made an idol of it, a false god. But really, when we do it, we haven’t so much chosen some … Continue reading

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Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life — and Satan knows it!

The Way is the choice of freedom over slavery. The Truth is about seeing reality through the eyes of faith rather than accepting enticing lies. The Life is attained by hoping and trusting in God’s grace — the uncreated gift … Continue reading

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